Thursday, September 3, 2015

Taking care of your skin

Part of taking care of your skin is protecting it from heat and cold.  Start with getting enough hydration or water in your diet, as well as a balanced healthy diet. This is the start to healthy skin. Staying away from drugs, alcohol, and smoking can make a big difference in how your skin ages a well looks. Of course you have to take into account the genes you acquired along the way from your ancestors. 

Everyone had different skin and has to find their own personal skin care regimen, but protecting you skin from the sun is a must. Make sure to always put on Sunscreen when you are going to be out in the sun. This is something I don't do as much as I would like to, mainly from laziness. 

I use a face cream with built in sunscreen which I always rub on my neck and hands. Other then that I am not always protected. I am more proactive about protecting my children's skin then I am my own. Why? Simply because they go outside more often that myself. 

When I know I am going to be out in the sun for any length of time such as taking the kids to sports practice, theme parks, the beach, etc. I make sure to slather up but for everyday when I will only be out in the sun for a few minutes I just don't take the time to put it on, but I should really do this because most car rides are over 30 minutes which brings it up to at least an hour of driving in the sun. Even though cars now have UV for the windshields, you really should slather up just on precaution. 

Andre Lorent makes a great sunscreen that is non greasy, paba free, fragrance free, as well as being made without animal testing. My favorite part is that this sunscreen moisturizes and rehydrates so I am not left with dry skin at the end of the day.

You can purchase the Andre Lorent rehydrating sunscreen on Amazon.

What Andre Lorent has to say about their product.
Imagine a heavenly sunscreen that you actually looked forward to using every day. Why? Because it contained anti-aging properties in a unique proprietary formula called Sundrisol7(TM).

This sunscreen is so good you'll want to use it as your daily moisturizer. This is a sunscreen which you've never experienced anything quite like before.

It has a texture which is as luxurious as your favorite daily face moisturizer... yet it's a sunscreen. Hence the name, Andre Lorent daily rehydrating sunscreen. Not only does it work on your face, it works on your whole body!

Here's a shocker for you
 - almost all sunscreens you buy only protect against the sun's "burning rays" (known as UVB rays). However, so very few sunscreens ALSO simultaneously protect against "aging rays" (known as UVA rays).

This Andre Lorent daily Hydrating SPF 30 Sunscreen is the leader at protecting you from both aging AND burning rays.
Women, men and children 6 months or older from all over are benefiting from this daily hydrating sunscreen.

You can find out more about Andre Lorent on:

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