Monday, September 21, 2015

Keep your Hummingbird feeders clean

My mother in law loves Hummingbirds so we usually get her something to do with hummingbirds each year. Sometimes they are feeders, house decor, or even a hummingbird shaped bird house. I don't really know that much about hummingbirds other than they are small, fast, and eat a liquid diet. I didn't know you had to clean the hummingbird feeder a special way, and never really thought about how to clean them until I was given the opportunity to review these hummingbird feeder brushes.

These little brushes look like mascara brushes you would use on your eyes but they work great inside of those little holes inside of a hummingbird feeder. So quick and easy to use and if you take care of them you will be able to use them over and over again.

Check this link out on more information about keeping your Hummingbird feeder clean.

You can find the hummingbird feeder cleaning brushes on Amazon.

Cornucopia Brands little Hummingbird Feeder Brushes

These little brushes for cleaning hummingbird feeders are the perfect hummingbird feeder cleaning tools.

After months of sitting outside, your hummingbird feeder can begin to develop mold and dirt in the small holes and tubes. This can keep the birds from feeding properly, and maybe from feeding at all.

You can use these little brushes to keep your hummingbird feeder working properly for the peak feeding season.

Despite these small brushes being designed as hummingbird feeder cleaning tools, they are incredibly effective for many cleaning applications:
-Little brushes for cleaning jewelry
-Little brushes for bird feeder cleaning
-Little brushes for cleaning air vents in automotive detailing-Little brushes for cleaning travel coffee mugs
-Little brushes for cleaning sippy cups
-The perfect small brush for cleaning hard to reach areas.
-Plus many more. Use your imagination and you will never run out of uses for these awesome little brushes.

You can find out more about Cornucopia Brands on:

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