Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Halloween Giveaway Bloggers Opp

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Bloggers Opp Happy Halloween Giveaway

Adults cannot trick or treat
So we have prizes for you!
Sign up Ends 9/27
Giveaway is 9/30 - 10/29
Sponsors always needed and appreciated – Please sign up HERE.
or you can email me at las93063 at gmail dot com


Sponsors so far
Willamy Collection
Kobert International
Winning Moves
Brooklyn Beans
JClaw Tek
Care me
Heat Holders
Joyful Gifts by Julie
Violife (Formerly Violight)
Sparkle Dress
intelliARMOR The Smarter Screen Protector
Lloyd and Lucy’s Pet Supplies
Stampin Up
All bloggers will receive 2 free links for posting and promoting giveaway
The last 2 giveaways have been awesome, so people are starting to visit us again!
Bloggersopp if you would like to post, not required HERE.
Please share this opp on your social media!
Please join my Facebook group just for Bloggers:  HERE
Here is a new Facebook page for giveaways HERE Please like this and when we get everything ready you will be able to post giveaways and send your followers there to find giveaways.  There are 9 of us in the group and we will be sharing a link up for giveaways so this should be a great way for all of us to promote our giveaways.
Also a new all sign up page, no need to sign up for each giveaway, I will send you the html when ready with your links automatically added.  HERE
I will post the html in the Facebook group when I email it out.  If you do not receive by 9/17 check the group.
 Choice for free links:  ANY SOCIAL MEDIA
Co-hosts are $10 for the free links plus 5 more links of choice, Co host name and link to blog on giveaway html.  Co host links will be under host links near the top and each one is worth 5 points.
I am going to try giveaway tools again so all entries are on 1 page.
Of course no google+ and no required Facebook like.
Other sign up options available on sign up form too!
If you have any prizes that would be a good fit please let me know and I will give you a co-host if you do the review.  I will have an entry for people to make a comment on your review.
Please sign up below!  Or at this link HERE

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