Monday, August 17, 2015

Royal Honey Yohimbe Maca (Adults Only Please)

The Blonde was in full force when I signed up for this review. I thought I was actually getting Honey for my family to try. Oh boy was I wrong. This is not my kind of thing, nor my husband's kind of thing. Our relationship in the bedroom area is just fine no need for any help whatsoever. We have 6 children to prove it.

With that being said we did not try this product but I still wanted to finish the review since I did sign up for it. I follow through even when I mess up. In this case a bit of an embarrassing mess up.

Ok so I guess you take this as a male if your limbido is not what it used to be. It didn't come with directions so it didn't say how far before  your planned encounter you should take this, but I did copy the warning from the page.

Also I wanted to put up a picture because what you get is not the pretty box up above. It comes with 5 vials and looks like this.

After taking this enhancer you WILL have to contain your sex drive and you WILL feel the hardened urge to be sexually active. IF YOU GET AN ERECTION THAT LAST MORE THAN 4 HOURS, consult a doctor. Honey Bee Hard is potent and effective. You and you ALONE are responsible for the decisions you make while using it...

This product helps enhance the relationship of every couple. It contains Honey, Yohimbee Extract and  Vitamin B. Our ancient blend of honey and yohimbe will increase the sexual pleasure and deliver rock hard results when you need them most, every time, time after time.

Restore your Libido and *** Drive back to the aggressive fervor your once possessed with Honey Bee Hard all natural male sexual enhancer. 

Unleash the sexual prowess buried inside you and take back your ***  life TODAY.



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