Thursday, July 30, 2015

Using a Retractable leash with Gentle Giant

First of all make sure you really do have a Gentle Giant, and two make sure you have a Gentle Leader which makes walking any strong dog much easier.

This is the only way I would ever use a retractable leash on our Saint Bernard. I have never seen a retractable leash that goes up to her weight and until we received this Cloud9 leash everyone broke on her regular collars, but once we put a gentle leader on her and then the leash we have had nothing but pleasure walking her. This gives her much more room with out putting much strain on myself of my husband.

I have Fibromyalgia and my husband's knee never healed all the way after his accident at work so we have had to change many things in our lives to accommodate our family, including  our furbabies. This leash give Princess a whole 16 feet as opposed to the 6 feet she would have on our regular leash. This makes it so we can stand on the porch on bad days while our Princess does her business. We don't get hurt and she gets a little extra freedom.

You can purchase the Cloud9 retractable leash on Amazon.

What Cloud9 has to say about their product.

That is until he decides to bolt off after a squirrel, pulling the leash from your hand. So much for that walk, now it's a run, and not one your flip flops had planned for...
Let's face it, our pets can be a little crazy sometimes, especially outside where there are so many sights and smells for them to take in. The better your leash, the better your chances of being able to reign your pet in.
We bring the durability and comfort you've been craving with our ergonomic sure grip handle and ribbon style anti-tangle retractable nylon cord. It's a match made in heaven for you and your pet. Have confidence in your pet supplies with Cloud 9!
We've got you covered there too! Between our bonus ebook with tons of content for you and your fuzzy buddy and our lifetime replacement/money back guarantee, you're covered no matter what! It's for these reasons more people choose Cloud 9 for their pet walking needs, and we hope you will too! You'll be glad you did.


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