Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What to do when your freezer ups and dies.

This morning Deanna, Dennise, and myself left for an eye appointment for Deanna as well as picking up my glasses while we were there. Deanna now needs glasses so of course we need sports glasses so I left a message with a company I know that makes them to see if I can get a deal. 

We left there to attend the 2nd grade field day for my daughter Dorothy which went well. I believe every class went away with a ribbon or two. I had let Dennise drive all the way home from Valatie, to the school, and then back home. 

Here is where it gets interesting. We all decide we will have ice cream. Deanna tells me it is soupy, so after my husband checks out the freezer which we got second hand several years ago the verdict is it has died. 

Now I get on the internet and phone at the same time to see who has a freezer we can afford as well as being able to deliver it ASAP. We ended up going with Lowes and they will deliver Friday morning. 
Now anyone who knows me, knows that ever since we went without food for a while back when my oldest was a toddler I have been couponing and stock piling which has included our freezers, so we had to go through our chest freezer, upright freezer that died, and the freezer above our fridge to see what we could toss, what could be cooked, and what could be saved. 

The most expensive products were saved first, then by need. My husband is currently cooking about 40 hamburgers, which we hope to refreeze once the freezer is up and going, stuffed peppers, 4 pies, 2 pizza's, pork chops, english muffin pizza's, fish filets, chicken wings, as well as boiling broccoli, and chicken that we cut up for chicken noodle soup for tomorrow, 

I didn't think to take a picture of our freezer when it was full, but caught one before we emptied it all of the way, which you can see above. 

Sure it was bad because by the thawing which was all of the outside items as well as the door items it had to have been not working for a few days. We lost some food but the good thing that came out of it was that we have cleaned out the old outdated items. We didn't lose everything which would have been worse. We made the best of what we could from the loss, the best thing is that breakfast, lunch, and dinners are all planned out for the next few days. 

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