Friday, June 5, 2015

Stretch Mark Cream

For me putting lotion on my belly when I became pregnant was a normal thing to do. My mom said if I did so I wouldn't have as many stretch marks. Well she was right and even though I am quite overweight I don't have as many stretch marks as I see more fit women have.

If you already have stretch marks this cream will work as well to help lessen the look of the marks. Best if used once a day and in about a month you should see a difference, Remember scars or stretch marks exposed to sun make them look worse over time, so keep them out of the sun for the best results.

Great smelling formula, easy to use bottle, and can be used twice daily.

You can purchase Jaylie Stretch Mark Cream on Amazon.

What Jaylie has to say about their product.
  • Jaylie Stretch Mark Cream is infused with organic olive oil to maximize the preventative and healing benefits of the formula.

    PREVENTS MARKS FROM FORMING - Our powerfully infused formula will leave your skin soft and flexible. This allows your skin to expand with out causing marks. Use regularly and a generous amount for best results.
    REDUCES APPEARANCE OF OLD MARKS - Apply this powerful cream to old marks to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to heal properly. This will reduce the appearance of old marks and help even out your skin.
    LIFETIME GUARANTEE - if you are not satisfied you can get a full refund just contact us to let us know. No need to return it.
    POWERFUL PREVENTION & HYDRATION FORMULA - includes cocoa butter, shea butter, organic olive oil, mango butter and much more. See our full ingredient list to discover what makes this formula so effective.
    FRESH PRODUCT GUARANTEE - In order to keep fresh inventory our batches are small. This is to make sure our ingredients keep their potency and effectiveness. We apologize if we run our of inventory. Order now while we have it in stock.

    Use Jaylie Stretch Mark Cream twice a day to get the maximum benefit to your skin

We have specifically designed our formula to work with any skin type as well as for women and men
Quality Ingredients Make All The Difference
Mango Butter- Reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores elasticity
Shea Butter- Contains healthy fatty acids that deeply penetrate the skin to moisturize it
Jojoba Oil- Supports collagen formation in the skin, which is required for healthy skin
Cocoa Butter- Helps to fade the appearance of stretch marks
Olive Oil- The organic boost to our formula
100% Guaranteed, No Animal Testing,


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