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Sky1 Foundation

MarksvilleandMe reviews
Sky 1 Foundation
written by
William Amerman

Sky 1 Foundation is right down my alley for books to enjoy and be able to zip right through to read. I am currently reading Sky 2 Detrius Machine and look forward to the third book Sky 3 Emerald Mara. I was very happy that William Amerman let me review all three of this books and hope to see more from him in the future. 

Sky 1 Foundation starts right from the get go with action already taking place which makes for a good start and a good catcher of readers who are looking for action right from the beginning. Sky 1 is based on a original thought of the future and how people might try to live out or govern people in a society that has lived through war. 

When a virus breaks out people rush to try and get to another level before they quarantine the level they are already on. I really don't want to go into much more you can read the what the publisher has to say below but if you like post apocalyptic books then you will enjoy this one.

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A little about the book from the publisher

Nick Burke has been allotted 389 square feet of living space by the government. Disease spreads quickly when people are packed together so tightly. Quarantines are regularly imposed in an effort to contain the spread of infection. Lately, though, rumors are spreading that quarantines on some Grounds are not being lifted.
When a quarantine is imposed on Nick's Ground, he and his family are trapped. The only way out is to break laws that carry a penalty of death. Fearing for his life and the safety of his family, Nick joins forces with a local group to move to another Ground. But can he trust his new friends? 
* * * 
Seven hundred years ago, a city walled itself off from the rest of the world. Decades after first containment, the city expanded upwards, becoming a world unto itself. The population of this city-world has now boomed to over eighty million people, but the history of why the world was built and what lies outside has been lost to the citizens. Eventually, the series will deal with how the world was built, what (and who) lives outside the containment walls and what environmental changes are about to bring a very nasty surprise. Even though it is set in the future, this first book is intended to be a straight-forward thriller, a page-turner that allows me to set up the rest of the series.

I thought of this series while recovering from a hangover in bed in Holland in 1997, looking up at the (late) morning sky through a skylight in the bedroom. The premise was simple; what would happen if Holland's population continued to boom but there was no land left to expand? The conclusion I reached was that they would have to expand upward, connecting their cities.

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