Wednesday, June 24, 2015

PRO UV Blacklight Pet Urine Detector

We have 5 cats and 1 dog and sometimes with having pets accidents happen, sometimes more then others.

We have dealt with a male cat that kept spraying my youngest daughters clothes and most times we wouldn't even know it till she got to school and the clothes had warmed up and started letting the smell emanate.

It was a rough time because it was embarrassing for my daughter and made me feel like a bad mom. Finally we have the male cat so he doesn't spray her clothes at least for the time being, but it took a while to get all of the clothes together that had been sprayed.

I wish we had had this PRO UV Blacklight Pet Urine Detector when we had the problem sure would have cut down on how much laundry we had to do.

Easy to use and even comes with the batteries needed to get it working right away.

You can purchase the PRO UV Blacklight Pet Urine Detector on Amazon.

What PetSeer has to say about their product.
Locating a hidden pet urine stain can be a frustrating and tedious job, especially when the visible evidence is gone and only an odor is left behind. The Pet Urine Stain Detector Flashlight uses specially designed UV Blacklight Bulbs to reveal dried and hidden pet stains which are normally hidden from the naked eye, making this job easier than ever. The portable, pocket-sized flashlight allows for searching from a standing position, so you can more comfortably locate stains. It works on stains from dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and more. Not only does the flashlight save you time, but with more efficient stain location and spot cleaning, it saves you from spending hundreds of dollars on enzyme procedures and other expensive floor treatments. The flashlight is battery powered with 3 AAA Batteries (included) and works on all surfaces such as furniture, floors, rugs, beds, and much more. Your purchase comes with Risk Free, 1 Year Guarantee!

You can find out more about Petseer on:

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