Thursday, May 14, 2015

WashGuard - Large Lingerie Wash Bags

Being a women I have lots of delicates that need to be washed with loving care. Luckily I have a hand wash cycle on my washer but I also use Laundry bags to keep my delicates looking their best. When I received the WashGuard - Lingerie Bags for Laundry my daughter grabbed it for her because it has a pink zipper. 

Yes being a mom of 4 girls really stacks up the dedicates and we do a washer full of delicates once or twice a week. Everything is sorted into their bags and put in the wash on the Hand Wash cycle. having these bags is a Godsend. 

Not all Laundry bags are created equal. Some of have bigger hole that bra clips can get stuck on which cause a big mess in the washer. With the WashGuard - Lingerie Bags for Laundry it is a fine mesh that you won't have to worry about little things popping through and causing havoc in the washer. 

Great for bras, underwear, silk, pantyhose, stockings, pajamas, and anything else that needs to be hand washed or delicately washed. 

You can purchase the Wash Guard Lingerie Bag on Amazon.

What IX Better Home has to say about their product.
1) Save Money!
Zippers, buckles and snaps on other clothes spell disaster for your satins and silk. Rough fabrics such as denim or fabrics that produce lint will also ruin your delicates or other specialty clothes (like moisture wicking sports material) forcing you to buy them again and again.
This bag will solve all those problems.
2) Large Size!
This extra large lingerie wash bag measures 16 x 20 inches. Great for 4-5 camisoles, blouses, skirts or dresses, multiple scarves or leggings, many pairs of socks or 7-10 pairs of underwear.
Ideally suited for larger items such as sweaters, small throws, fine bedding (pillow cases, shams, dust ruffles or sheets), baby blankets and more...
3) Highest Quality Bag on the Market!
We just bought 5 brand new 2015 industrial sewing machines to ensure that our carefully constructed lingerie wash bags are made with precision. We also use the highest quality polyester mesh blend that will protect your fabrics inside from everything outside in the washer and causes no abrasion from the bag itself.
This premium extra large laundry bag is safe to use in ALL wash cycles and with ALL detergents.
> Spare yourself the frustration caused by lost socks, knotted hosiery or stretched out sweaters and leggings.
> No more replacing your garments because of damage or excessive wear due to washing (even on the delicate cycle) and NEVER deal with knotted hosiery again.

You can find out more about lX Better Home on:

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