Thursday, March 12, 2015

Crystal Wash

As a mother I am always doing laundry which means our family is polluting the Earth with all kinds of chemicals and even if they are safe chemicals they are still leaching into our water beds. With Crystal Wash 2.0 I feel like I am taking even more of a step to go green. 

I have read many articles that say that items like the Crystal Wash are a scam, but I want you to hear our story. We have a male cat that likes to leave his mark, usually on our clothes, shoes, or bedding. I love him but not his stinky mess. Over the years I have tried lots of things to get rid of the cat smell from soiled clothing and nothing would work except for baking soda in the wash, with a vinegar rinse which works fantastic if you would like to try it instead of throwing out things you can just wash and reuse. 

Let me get back to Crystal Wash 2.0. My husband is my pessimistic adversary as I am optimistic. He saw these and laughed and said these will not work. I said then you will be the one to use them first. He asked if he could pick anything? I said sure. The first thing he picked was the blanket he sleeps with on the couch. Don't worry he isn't in the dog house, he just re-injured his leg and has not been able to make it up the stairs yet.  

So this blanket the cat recently made his mark on plus it has some omega dietary liquid for our animals spilled on it. Yes cat urine, and a strong fishy smell. Into the wash it went with the two Crystal Wash balls and my husband added the full amount of fabric softener  that our washer calls for. 

When the wash was done he pulled out the blanket and took a whiff, all he could smell was the fabric softener and much stronger then usual. He then stuffed it into the dryer (do not put Crystal Wash balls into the dryer) to give it the last once over to see how well it all turned out. 

Well he is both sold and impressed with this product. Coming from my husband who is a hard sell on almost anything this is a good thing. Both him and I have both been telling people about this product. 

After about 30 washes you want to put your Crystal wash balls into direct sunlight to recharge them. Don't ask me it just works. 

You can find other answers about the Crystal Wash here.

Would just water have done the same thing? No because I have tried it before and like I said before Crystal Wash the only thing I found that works on cat urine was baking soda and vinegar. 

Did it pass our vigorous tests? Yes it did.

Will I still use detergent? Yes because most times with coupons I get my bottles for under a 1.00, but have no fear you can use detergent along with the Crystal Wash balls.

What did I learn? I learned I can use a smaller amount of fabric softener, As my husband said he has never had anything keep the scent of the fabric softener this long before. 

You can purchase Crystal Wash here.

What Crystal Wash has to say about their product.
Everyone has to do laundry… and we want to make it both new and exciting. Crystal Wash is something that works and we can make doing laundry easier for you, better for the environment and at the same time save you money.

We think Crystal Wash could be a great story here for these reasons:

Innovative gear – 1000 loads of clean laundry without using Detergents, Chemicals or Perfume. We’re an amazingly efficient and natural way to do laundry.

You can find out more about Crystal Wash on:

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