Thursday, February 19, 2015

Premium Lavender Essential Oil, 100% Pure Review

Lavender is one of the few flowers I can smell for long periods of time with out going into a sneezing, coughing, watery eye fit. I love Lavender for drifting off to sleep, in my laundry, as well as cleaning my floors with. OK it is mostly the scent added to my cleaner that I love but I think you knew that. 

I was reading that Lavender Essential Oil is great for relieving migraines so the next time my daughter or myself are having one we are going to put it to the test. Until then I will continue to use this in cleaning and scenting my home. 

You can purchase Apple Jack Lavender Essential Oil on Amazon.

What AppleJack Life has to say abut their product.
The Secret to Controlling Stress, Sleeping Better and more!

Lavender oil is the most versatile of all essential oils

Premium quality product

Common uses include…

  • Relieve stress, anxiety and depression
    Treat insomnia
    Freshen laundry
    Add to your bed and bath
    Add to your pet’s bath
    Use on vacuum bags
    Scent potpourri and candles
    Add to skin cream to soothe skin
    Treat bug bites, rashes and sunburns
    Promote hair growth
    Provide headache and migraine relief
    Boost your immune system
    Reduce acne, scars and stretch marks
    Relax aching muscles

Our oil is steam distilled to a therapeutic grade quality. Other suppliers aggressively process their oils at high temperatures and pressures to produce large quantities of oil in a short period of time. These oils will be less expensive, but are of limited therapeutic value, and the difference is apparent when the aromas are compared side-by-side.

Packaged in an amber glass bottle to protect your essential oil. Undiluted essential oils should not be stored in plastic containers, as some properties in many essential oils will break down the plastic, which can destroy the oil and often cause leakage.

Comes with a FREE dropper!

1 year no hassle 100% money back guarantee


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