Monday, December 15, 2014

iarrow Tempered glass screen protector Review

What MarksvilleandMe has to say about the 
iarrow Tempered glass screen protector

This is the second iarrow product of I have reviewed and both items have been great. My first product was a sports armband you can read my review for that here. Now onto the iarrow Tempered glass screen protector. 

My husband loves the armored glass products that are now available for our tech gear. His pointers are to make sure you have a clean dry screen, lots of light to work under, and a surface clear of any dust particles. 

My husband also says that the Armored glass is much easier to install then the old thin plastic screen protectors. Once you have everything lined up you just place it down and like magic it adheres to the surface. Also included are extra buttons to bring your devices buttons up even with your new iarrow Tempered glass screen protector.

My husband keeps saying he is going to make a video using these but hasn't as of yet, but when he does I will be sure to share the link here. 

 What iarrow has to say
•Premium grade Japanese Asahi Tempered glass with 9H+ scratch resistant surface (almost as hard as a diamnond with highest resistance at 10H)
•Ultra clear Shock-resistant layer under the glass. High touch sensitity.
•No bubbles or residue.
•Rounded edges for flawless integration and smooth feel.

You can purchase the iarrow Tempered glass screen protector on Amazon.


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