Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Donate without spending a penny!

Have you been wanting to give back this year but money is just too tight or you don't know where to start. Well I have a free download that is educational for children. It is free and every time it is downloaded (I would think by a new person but I could be wrong) .50 is donated to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Did I have you at free or donate?

Our Company is making pre-school entertainment and they have just launched the cartoon series Paulie and Fiona in the US. Content is provided through a movie App that you can download. For every App that is downloaded in the US (remember it is free) .50 will be donated to the Children's Network Hospitals. Awesome free App = Donation. The goal is to give $100.000. Go now this is just till the end of 2014.

Ok so where do you get it?

You can get it at Paulie and Fiona.

You can find out more below about Paulie and Fiona below.

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