Friday, December 12, 2014

Brain Fitness PathWords Review

MarksvilleandMe reviews Brain Fitness PathWords
Think Fun

Brain Fitness PathWords  is a neat game with words with a twist. Even though Think Fun says  8 years and up, my 7 year old is the one who had the most fun with it. She made up her own game by finding words like you would in a crossword puzzle but with no list and the words were made in the shaped pieces that were provided. 

Now that you know how my 7 year old played with it I will explain how it says to be played. 
There are tiled pieces in certain shapes and you have to match them up on the board to make words. You have to use all of the tiles and they have to fit together into a square. This is a lot like another game I reviewed called Gravity Maze you can read my review here.

Both games are very fun and not something you find in your neighborhood store. Our family likes to play games and seems to harder to find games we haven't already played. I like the new games they have available and look forward to working with Think Fun in the near future.

This is what Think Fun has to say about Brain Fitness PathWords

Brain Fitness PathWords (Ages 8 to adult, MSRP: $19.99)
Strengthen your vocabulary and visual perception skills in this amalgamation of polyominoes and word search!

You can purchase Brain Fitness PathWords here.

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