Monday, December 15, 2014

Abigail and the Sahara Adventure Review

MarksvilleandMe reviews Abigail and the Sahara Adventure 
written by
Tali Carmi

Abigail and the Sahara Adventure is the second in the Abigail series I have read and reviewed for Tali Carmi. You can read my first review for Abigail and the Jungle Adventure here. Like I said in my other review I love that the Abigail series has a girl as the main role and that she loved to go on adventures like my girls do. 

In this Adventure Abigail goes to the Sahara on the magical bicycle she found at her grandparents house. The Abigail series takes your child to exotic locations so they can learn about other cultures. There is always an adventure when you read about Abigail. Wonder where she will go in the next book? 

My now 7 year old, 12 year old, and my grand daughter who is 3 all loved this book. It gives them ideas about places they might want to visit when they grow up. We also usually look up information on the internet after reading one of the adventures to learn more about certain things. 

With Abigail and the Sahara Adventure the girls wanted to learn more about deserts. 

You can purchase Abigail and the Sahara Adventure on Amazon.

Tali Carmi has written other children's books such as :

About the Author Tali Carmi

Tali Carmi spent her childhood in the dessert, she memorized many of the books her parents read to her. She played with word and rhymes, writing her first book of songs at the age of 10.
As she grew she turned to other hobbies and a successful career.
Now she is back writing stories for young children.

You can find out more about the Author Tali Carmi at:

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