Friday, November 7, 2014

The Giant and the Dwarf Review

Product Description

Can one be a Giant with no Dwarfs around?
A captivating tale for adults
The Giant and the Dwarf is a captivating tale for adults about the journey to, and the burden of, self-empowerment. The plot,moving, catching and heart gripping, shifts between reality and the fairy world, gaining insight from both.
The story and its direct and innocent style crosses the boundaries of personal inner space, allowing every reader to look at the Giant and Dwarf within them, along with their strengths and weaknesses, through the eyes of both a child and an adult alike.
The book 'refuses' to move in a set path of any one genre and walks a fine line between a sweet-fluffy children's tale and a painfully biographical spiritual guide.
This fuzziness enables the reader to devote themselves unreservedly to the story with judgment of neither the story nor themselves, instead of experiencing the journey to the fullest.
The meaning of the relationship between Giant and Dwarf unfolds growth processes and expands awareness.
We are all part of this voyage to Self Growth, which demands a connection with pain and weakness, as well as with innocence and positive attitude.

MarksvilleandMe reviews The Giant and the Dwarf
written by
Dov Yanai

The Giant and the Dwarf goes between reality and fantasy in a journey to turn the Dwarf inside into the Giant. Most people look to making life better for themselves. The first step is to look within yourself and fix what it inside. You might find that what you want is already there it just needs a little help in growing into what it can become.

Everyone had their own journey their own path but sometimes we need a little help along the way. The Giant and the Dwarf is a great book that is not only great to read but also a lesson that we can big a Giant in a Dwarfs body.

Are you ready to grow the Giant within you?

You can purchase The Giant and the Dwarf on Amazon.

You can find out more about Dav Yanai here.

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