Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Spirit of Christmas Toy Giveaway

Stickman Stew and the Gold Heart Crew

This isn't my normal kind of giveaway post. This post helps out others in need this Christmas season. For every Stickman Stew and the Gold Heart Crew character that is ordered another will be given to a child in need. Want a great present that gives back this season look no further. Stickman Stew and the Gold Heart Crew are here to make that happen. Want to help? Buy One Give One Here. Still thinking? They are each under $10.00 you just can't beat that.

The Stickman Stew and Gold Heart Crew consist of Stickman Stew, Stickgal Sal, StickKid Sid, and Stickgirl Shirl get one or get them all. They are shaped like caveman drawings from 20,000 years ago as well as looking like the stick figures that children still draw today. They are soft, stuffed poseable figures a lot like Gumby. Sure to be a delight to children everywhere.

My 3 year old grand daughter says she wants a set as well as my daughters who are 6 and 11, so you know if my girls would like them then kids all over America are going to love them too.

You may be asking what does MarksvilleandMe get out of this, well I was one of 20 bloggers picked to chose a non profit organization to receive donations of Stickman Stew and the Gold Heart Crew, I chose the Edith Casey Stocking Fund which has been around since 1920 which serves children and families near my home. I have myself  had to use them in the past to get gifts for my children for Christmas Morning. To be chosen to do this with only 20 bloggers being picked is amazing. My heart overflows with cheer and my eyes are filled with tears.

Finally I can give back to one of the Community Organizations that continues to give back to those in need year after year. Without the dedication of the Edith Casey Stocking Fund many children would go without Christmas Morning. I am happy to be able to give back even in this small way to a community that cares about others.

 Merry Christmas from MarksvilleandMe to all of my readers. May this Christmas Season be Happier for everyone.

You can find out more about Stickman Stew and the Gold Heart Crew on:

You can read more about the Edith Casey Stocking Fund here.

Disclosure: MarksvilleandMe will receive one set of Stickman Stew and the Gold Heart Crew but no other payment was received. 

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