Monday, November 10, 2014

Being Kind

Hello everyone I have been chosen to write a blog about kindness. All of my life I have been kind to almost everyone, even when they are not kind in return. Why you may ask. Well I was brought up to be kind to everyone and try to see things from both sides of the coin. We don't walk in others shoes, we don't live the lives they live. We just don't always know what make people the way they are. So being kind is the right thing to do.

I have had people say I say I was trying to steal friends by being kind. I have always made friends easily which is something I get from my father and I am proud to have gotten from him. I love everyone even those who have harmed me or my family. I don't have to like what they did or even like their choices but I still love them no matter what.

So with this kindness post I wanted to talk about different ways I have been kind over the years. Our family has given to toy collections for Christmas gifts, we have given to shelters, food pantries, and local community helping organizations. We have taken in homeless people before, giving them a place to eat, sleep, and get back on their feet.

We have held doors open, shared coupons with those who had groceries in their cart that we had coupons that matched. We have randomly given money to families that we heard while shopping telling their children in tow that they couldn't get such and such because they didn't have enough money.

This is just a sampling of what we have done for others over the many years we have been together. When we fell on hard times we have even had others lend a hand to make things better for us. More often then not that help came from strangers, not family. People we may never see again. This is what Kindness is. An act of giving freely of yourself either with money, products, or time.

I firmly believe the more kindness that is shown towards other the more kindness you get in return.

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