Sunday, November 9, 2014

Are we being duped at the Grocery Store?

Today was a day of cleaning while the kids played outside with their friends between their own chores. After cleaning all day we decided on a quick dinner so we had breakfast for dinner. Easy enough. We had banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausages, and orange juice.

While enjoying dinner with my family my eye was caught by something on the juice label.

If you can't read it. It says "50% less sugar & calories then orange juice". To that I said then what am I serving to my family if it isn't orange juice. I try to round out my families diets down to the the beverages we put into our bodies. Upon further reading, the very small print that is hidden by the same color of the label it says. "100% Vitamin C Orange Juice Beverage with vitamins". I took a sip and sure enough it tasted nothing like Orange Juice.

The more I sat there they madder I became. I have bought Tropicana products since I first became pregnant with my oldest son over 24 years ago. I have always thought of the Tropicana company as having 100% orange juice so I didn't even read the label when I picked it up from the store. 

I know now to be more careful in what I put in my cart, but there will be a call as well as an email sent to Tropicana about making the words beverage much more clearer to consumers. I feel taken advantage of as well as disappointed in a company I have trusted to do right by my family. 

Putting modified food starch in the juice I serve to my children is just not right. An ingredient list changing from one item 100% orange juice to 17 or more ingredients just does not sit right with me. So for me as a parent I have to go back to reading the labels of companies I have long trusted to keep my families health at the fore front of their marketing, because of this. 

My rant is over for now back to my regular scheduled blogging. 

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