Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mini Milestones

Here in our home October marks a lot of firsts this year. The biggest was celebrating our 24th and 25th Anniversary together on October 9th. You may wonder how is it 24 and 25. Let me explain we have been dating for 25 years and married for 24 years. We were married a year to the date later of our first date.

We make sure to make time for each other each week, from dinner and movie nights to just having what our children call a bed picnic which is just us having popcorn, or cheese and grapes while playing a board game or watching a movie on DVD or through NETFLIX.

On our very first date back in 1989 we watched Parenthood staring Steve Martin. We have revisited this movie over the years to compare to our own parenting. 

This October our second born daughter Dennise who is a Senior was chosen as Student of the Month by the Philmont Rotary Club. As well as our youngest daughter Dorothy who is in 2nd grade being picked to be Rock Star of the week in her classroom.

Another first for our family was our daughter Dennise going on a trip to Florida with her best friend Lily. Dennise is the first in our family to go to Disney World, Sea World, and Florida. The furthest anyone had traveled before this was to Washington D.C. My personal furthest was New Jersey. When we think of road trip vacations we always think of National Lampoon's Vacation.

Another first for our family was also going to a Annual Meeting for the Blood disorder that  my children and I have. It was held at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge which has an Indoor Water Park. Two firsts rolled into one. Our family had a great time.

We had some other milestones like our daughter Deanna playing her last year of youth soccer, she will be moving up to the school team next year. My 9 month old grand daughter Lainy getting her first tooth, and my 3 year old grand daughter Lilly finally being totally potty trained night and day. Life is full of milestones that pave our paths in life.

Even though the above titles are not available on NETFLIX Streaming at the moment our family did enjoy many streaming titles this month such as.

The Boxcar Children which I read as a child, The 100 which I just started, My husband is a sci-fi lover so we have been watching all of the Star Trek shows again and just finished Star trek Voyager. My favorite scary movies are from the Halloween series. Hemlock Grove which is a Netflix original series is good if you are into werewolves and vampires the same with Vampire Diaries, Bitten, and Wolfblood. I love Zombie movies so I have been watching The Walking Dead. We have also watched Revolution, The Andy Griffith Show, Scooby Doo, Goosebumps, R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, Teletubbies, Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest and many more. With Netflix streaming we are always sure to find something to watch be it for my grand daughters age, my teenager or for us adults.

Being a part of the NETFLIX Stream Team I was give a few ideas to share with my readers. One of which is a craft or project to do with your family.  A Milestone Memory Box. Directions can be found here. Although the directions call for a wooden box I could see this being made with a baby wipe box as well. Our family likes to reuse items as much as possible, so this would be our pick in case you are looking to use something other then a wooden box.

They have also included a recipe to make chocolate covered pretzels which you can find here but keep an eye out for my family making these coming soon.


Disclosure: MarksvilleandMe is a part of Netflix Stream Team receiving free streaming service and other gifts through out the year in exchange for us blogging about Netflix and Netflix streaming services.

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