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Back To School : My Credit Reward Chart from 7 years Review

Product Description

My Credit Reward Chart: Supporting Children from the age of 7 years.

From seven years of age children start to become more socially aware and thinks about the world around them.  However this can impact on their self-esteem, lead to self-criticism and, for some children, prove to be an unsettling time.

Our Credit Chart provides the perfect opportunity for independent decision-making, encourage motivation and building self confidence.

~~Each pack contains:

• A Large Wall Chart (11 inches wide by 17 inches high) a focal point to monitor progress.

• The chart covers the following activities: dressed myself, washed and brushed my teeth, eaten a healthy breakfast, eaten fruit, eaten vegetables, drunk plenty of water, tidied my bedroom, helped around the house, done my homework, done something active and been kind and thoughtful. Plus two spaces for you to fill in.
• Children then have the responsibility of putting a check mark in the box with the dry-erase marker on completion of an activity. Each day total up the check marks and use them towards the various rewards. Ultimately aiming to improve credit scores week on week.

• A Supportive Information Sheet with a working example, tips and guidelines to help you and your child get the best results from your chart.

• Sticky mounting pads and a dry erase pen.

MarksvilleandMe reviews My Credit Reward Chart 

from 7 years

I have found that for my 11 year old daughter she does better with a schedule which neither my husband or I like, we like to just do things on the spur of the moment. Writing things down for her so she can check them off as she does them seems to help out a lot. 

In a few posts back I was saying how I was trying to stop yelling so much. Not working out right now because of the spasms running up and down the left side of upper torso, I have been yelling more then normal, saying things I don't mean and will never do so that my kids will move their butts. Sure I say I am sorry, but while I am in pain we need a new way to combat me yelling while keeping the kids on task. 

When I showed her this Reward Chart we sat down and made up rewards for each amount of check marks. Because we don't always know how much money we will have from week to week, we made two rewards for the whole chart being filled in.

As the weeks go by we should have more free ideas so it doesn't always revolve around money. We are pretty crafty so I am looking forward to doing some of the rewards with her. She picked out watching a half hour show for 6 check marks, picking out dinner for 9 check marks, extra time playing with a friend for 12 check marks, and free building clinic for the whole chart being filled it.

This chart did come with adhesive to attach it to a wall, but we went with something we can take on and off the wall without ruining whatever it is attached to. I suggest magnets, Velcro, or even poster putty.

You can order My Credit Reward Chart from 7 years here.

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