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A Guide to Meaningful and Significant Parenting Review

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Simple educational principles written in everyday language Suitable for parents, teachers and educators.The aim of the book is to provide parents and educators with simple educational principles written in everyday language. Some theories have been included for better understanding, and examples given from real life. Simple ideas and exercises are given to shape parenting skills. 

This book is definitely suitable for young parents who are just starting their family but also for more seasoned parents who are facing the challenges of parenting today . The educational principals presented are also suitable for teachers and educators and can greatly contribute to improving the classroom environment, helping them succeed in the tremendous job that they have taken on themselves.It’s worth keeping this book handy, to look through from time to time in order to refresh your memory. From my experience I have seen that reviewing the material before giving a lecture or lesson gives me an advantage when teaching or parenting The three pillars. 

The three pillars of education are the foundation for developing all interpersonal relationships, starting from infancy through adult relationships with spouses, friends, colleagues and employer ”" employee relations. In all cases the principles remain the same. Efficient meaningful communication requires good listening skills and the ability to provide emotional acceptance. There is a need for limits and boundaries and appropriate displays of authority. On the one hand the authoritativeness cannot be too soft or feeble but on the other, shouldn't be too stringent or lacking in sensitivity. 

To complete the picture we need the pillar of significance and meaning. This pillar helps us become significant figures in the eyes of others and challenges us to live fulfilling meaningful lives.Remember, using good listening skills, presenting clear stable boundaries and being in the eyes of our children, significant figures who educate towards meaning in life, will certainly lead us to a better quality of family life, improve our interpersonal relationships and allow our children to be nurtured in a better healthier way.Scroll up and grab a copy today.

MarksvilleandMe Reviews A Guide to Meaningful 
and Significant Parenting
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When my husband and myself  planned to have children and thought of how we wanted to raise our children we decided right from the get go we would follow as closely to my parents way of upbringing rather then his parents. Yes we have made mistakes along the way, that goes hand and hand in parenting.

What we wanted to instill in our children was a love of family, forgiving hearts, and being able to adapt to the ever changing world we live in.  So far our two oldest children have jobs, their own places to live, and relationships that are doing well. Our daughter has even started her own family adding 2 grand children to our growing family.

We always told our children that you can take our advice and life will be a bit easier or they could do their own thing, sometimes failing, and they would have to take responsibility for those choices. My children have made many mistakes and have had to pay for them, they knew better but chose the wrong path.

Many of the above ideas were stated in A Guide to Meaningful and Significant Parenting. This really showed me that we have been on the right track in raising our children, and my parents had it down pretty well by the time I came along. I was their youngest. I am every thankful for everything my parents did for me, and to God for placing me with them. 

Now for the things we need to be better at as parent would be consistency. Stability they have as we have a firm marriage but consistency is lacking big time. We are the kind of people who do things at the spur of a moment. My husband has Intermittent explosive disorder. From his families past we know this is genetic, which is one of the reasons we chose to raise like my parents. During his outbursts which come without warning many times throw our family into a whole other world while it goes on.

Without these outbursts I believe we would be very strong parenting models for both children and other adults. After reading A Guide to Meaningful and Significant Parenting I am going to try and talk my husband into getting help to better his life, my life, and most importantly our children's lives.

For me the worse the pain in my body became over the years the more I would yell instead of physically getting up and doing something about what ever was going on with the children. Having had pain pretty much every day of my life for the last 10 years on top of a weak immune system doesn't help me be number 1 mom. 

From my other blogs and reviews my readers know I have been trying to bring the yelling to a minimum at least on my part because I don't want my children remembering me as a mom who yells, but rather a mom who loved them no matter what and brought them up to be able to take care of themselves. 

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