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Navigating Emotions for Parents Ebook Review

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Navigating Emotions for Parents is a collection of simple, in-the-moment mindfulness exercises to stop and change what we do when we feel upset so we can enjoy more time with our kids. Each exercise is only a page or two long and you can read one then practice it for a week or so and make it your own. By the end of the book you’ll have twenty useful tools to help you navigate the emotional waters of parenting. 

Written by mom of five, meditation facilitator and parent educator Amy Phoenix, Navigating Emotions for Parents points the way to helping ourselves and our children implement alternatives to harshness when we feel frustration, anger and even rage. More details can be found at:

MarksvilleandMe Reviews Navigating Emotions for Parents

Being a parent myself for over 23 years now I have found that there is always room for growth in how you parent. Not every parenting style works for every family or child, but I believe every care taker agrees that they want to be able to parent their children without getting so angry. 

I am not a perfect mom and sometimes lose it and it happens more then I am willing to admit. It usually stems from how I am feeling at any given moment. Having Fibromyalgia doesn't help at all. I just don't know from day to day how mobile I will be or if I will even be able to do the little things around the house that need to be done because of the pain. 

Medication helps but it doesn't help me when I am feeling overwhelmed because I want to do things that I can not physically do at the time. On top of that my kids will make messes which they know should have been taken care of but have let go until I notice them and then the yelling starts.

Yelling is something I am very good at and something I never wanted to be part of my life. With yelling comes losing control, and it is not a good feeling for myself, my neighbors, or most importantly for my children. This behavior teaches my children that it is normal to yell when you lose control, something I do not want them to continue to learn, but since they have already, it is time to take control while relearning how to deal with situations in a better way, so that my children will be able to handle their own situations in the future in a positive way.

This very short E-book had some good ideas on how to change things for the better, along with some that I have heard of before but hadn't implemented. Many are no brainers that should just come naturally but that get overlooked when you lose control. 

It will take time and practice so do not expect change overnight. After you are done with this book Presence Parenting has even more resources for you so make sure you check them out. Being a better parent is only one step away.

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