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#MADBACK Giveaway

Is your back mad or frustrated because of any discomfort, fatigue or pain it experiences?

Then, #MADBACK is a must read for you. Learn How to Stop The Hurting And Reclaim Your Life!
#MADBACK Quick Look:

This book has one objective only – help you, the sufferer of back issues, stop the hurting and reclaim your life! It has been written to provide you with the information and insight that matters, to you.

In this book, you will discover …

-  why you may be continuing injuring your back unknowingly
-  why your current approach to your back problems may be hurting you more
-  critical back mechanisms you can learn to regain [enjoy] a pain free back
-  right care for your back condition
-  6 secret habits you can build for a healthy pain free back
-  35 back misconceptions you can overcome for your future wellbeing, and
-  many more secret insights that you must know to keep your back and spine strong.

From the Amazon Product Description:

This book aims to help sufferers reduce, relieve and prevent back and spinal problems easily and effectively. Unlike most books written from the perspective of a single healthcare discipline, such as conventional medicine, chiropractic, osteopath, physiotherapy, or massage therapy, this book has been written from a third-party and holistic perspective and is discipline neutral. Back pain is a complex issue. No one healthcare discipline has all the answers. It deserves and demands a multidisciplinary view and approach. This book is the result of an exhaustive comprehensive holistic research. It aims to break down the silo views and approaches. It helps you better understand the landscape of the back and spinal health care options. 
It is not written to please or promote any particular discipline of healthcare. It doesn't recycle standard text information. Being politically correct or academically perfect isn't among the intentions of this book. Feelings may be hurt. Disagreements may arise. This book has one objective only – help you, the sufferer of back issues, stop the hurting and reclaim your life! It has been written to provide you with the information and insight that matters, to you.

To a large extent, turning your back health around requires a paradigm shift. You must be ready for this shift. Your effort is required because it may need you to adapt to new understanding, new views, new approaches, new habits, and new life styles. Simply popping pills, presenting yourself in a clinic, or putting yourself on an operation table aren't parts of the new paradigm. This book tells you the truth that matters. This book is a tool that you can use. It provides you with effective secrets that you can zero in upon and apply it immediately for your particular concern or purpose. Follow the advice in the book on how to use it as a tool to your advantage. Good luck to you for stopping the hurting and reclaiming your life quickly.
About the Author:

As a Human Spinal Biomechanics Researcher, Patrick Lee has worked with over 2000 licensed back pain specialists from around the world, helping improve their patient care and promoting spinal health for their patients.

He has been invited to lecture on Human Spinal Biomechanics to post-graduate doctors in continued-education programs at such institutions as Life University and New York Chiropractic Council. He has also extensively lectured at other leading institutions such as Harvard University.

Patrick Lee received his master's degree in Germany and the Netherlands. As a member of the Association of German Engineers has worked in five countries. His publications and speeches have been praised on four continents.

PaulaMS’ Thoughts:

My life has been touched by back pain in several ways. First, I was born without adequate padding between my vertebrae. Anyone who suffers with Degenerative Disc Disease knows my pain. Next, my mate suffers from back pain that often puts him in the bed after a few days of working. I have watched helplessly as both of my parents deal with back pain. My Mother broke one of the vertebrae in her back and had to have it glued together. Lastly, my Father did major back surgery after years of suffering only to have it not work. He still suffers and has tried all kinds of machines, shots, and surgeries.

So when I was offered the opportunity to review a book that could help so many in my life I was thrilled. As I began reading I soon realized that this book was going to be different. It wasn't written to sell anything or to convince me that any one method or solution was the answer. It's goal was to educate and inform so that I could understand what caused the pain, types of treatment, and ways to prevent it.

It's well written in simple to understand language for people without a medical background and its chapters divide it into topics that make the information you are looking for fast and easy to find. After reading #MADBACK I have a clearer understanding of the different causes of the pain that each person I mentioned earlier suffers and now can offer some suggestions that may help them find relief.

I would recommend this book to anyone suffering from back pain and looking for a better understanding of it and ways to get back to enjoying life again.

Welcome to the #MADBACK Giveaway

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Three readers will win their very own copy of #MADBACK How To Stop The Hurting And Reclaim Your Life, Easily, Now

Dates: September 7th - October 4th

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I think many of us have had back pain sometime in our life and believe me when you have back pain you will do almost anything to make it stop.
MarksvilleandMe wishes everyone who enters Good Luck!

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