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The Dream Ten: David's Miracle Review

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Do you dream, breath and play Basketball?

A must read book series for every Basketball lover in the age of 7-14!
When David Malone and his friends get rejected by the prestigious Raymond Hills Warriors, their local club basketball team, what do they do? They form their own team, the Dream Ten! With a little help from a local hoops legend, Michael Erwin, and with a lot of hard work, the boys learn to confront the unforgiving challenges of youth basketball, including their biggest rival: Dennis “the Truck” McDonald.
Filled with exhilarating basketball action, this series by newcomer A.D. Erving will really give kids something to cheer about.
“On offense, on defense, and everywhere,” readers will get to know the dynamic Dream Ten roster, including David “the Brain” Malone, Captain Larry “the Banker” Young, and Tony “the Human Elevator” Baez, with each volume detailing the team’s basketball adventures in a different character’s unique voice.
The heartfelt 12-book series offers abundant fun and excitement, accompanied by important lessons about overcoming obstaclesachieving goals, and pulling together when it matters most.
A slam dunk for young sports fans everywhere!

MarksvilleandMe Reviews The Dream Ten : David's Miracle 


I am always happy to do a review for something my family or I enjoy. My husband and I both played basketball for fun growing up. For the most part all of my children have played basketball at one time or another, with a few playing on youth teams through out the years. Currently I have an 11 year old and a 6 year old daughter playing for the youth team in our school district. 

When my now 11 year old played for the first time in 1st grade she had never touched a basketball before but by the end of the season she was dribbling and trying to make baskets. Even though at the award Ceremony when her coach talked about how far she had come, she didn't play the next year because other children had made fun of her. 

She did return in 3rd grade to play and has played every year since. She enjoys it so much she has decided to be on the Traveling Team this year as well as being on the youth team for the last year before before moving on to the School's Junior High Team. 

She also has a learning disability which has held her back in everything except for things which require physical activity. This is one area in which the playing fields are leveled between her and other students, and a place where she can truly shine. Yes other kids still pick on her but more and more see her as a whole person instead of just the person they see academically. 

I was happy to get The Dream Ten: David's Miracle to read with my children, as I have been wanting my daughters to read more about he sports they love. This is book 1 of twelve in the series so my children and I will have plenty more to read through in the future.

We personally liked how when David Malone and his friends get rejected by the prestigious Raymond Hills Warriors, they decide to make their own team working together to overcome their challenges. Every child needs to learn the lessons that are taught in this book to not only succeed as a child but also to succeed in their adult lives. The younger they learn the better off I believe they will be. 

Even know this is geared towards children from ages 7-14. I think that both younger children and adults could learn a thing or two from The Dream Ten: David's Miracle as well. 

MarksvilleandMe will eagerly await the next installment in the series from the Dream Ten.

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