Sunday, August 24, 2014

Helping Hand Review

Helping Hand 

Product Description

The Helping Hand will hold your phone or tablet securely on your desk, kitchen counter or in your car, truck or boat without moving or breakable parts! It's made of heavy duty ABS plastic and comes with a washable sticky pad. Use it also to hold your phone while making a video by simply turning the HH on it's side and sticking the phone to the sticky pad. Available in black or white.

Depending on which color you choose this is how they come. One stand and one sticky pad.

This is the picture that got me interested in the Helping Hand. I tried this and it works just like the picture shows. I didn't really understand what to do with the big bulky plastic piece besides put it on my desk so I could type faster from information I have for my blog. It said it was good for use in a vehicle and I just could not figure out how to do so until it dawned on me that the round bulky thing can fit into a cup holder in my vehicle, then everything clicked. I thought I had to rip the pad off of the stand every time I wanted to use it in our vehicle. Being blonde is not always fun, OK fun for everyone else just not us. So laughing aside I took it for a whirl.

As you ca see it looks really nice in my cup holder and I can easily see my Smart phone from where I sit while driving. Although we don't use our smartphone in the car unless there is a passenger that can take the call, or message. Most of the time our smartphone just sits on the stand in our house. 

The only time our phone was inseparable from us was when my mom was terminal and when my oldest daughter was at the end of both of her pregnancies, other then that it hasn't been very important to keep it with us. 

I spend most of my online time on my laptop which is where I found the Helping Hand most useful.

I can now type more quickly by bringing up what I need for information for my blogging on my smartphone or tablet then typing from that information onto my laptop, and the Helping Hand keeps it at the right angle to do so, no more changing from screen to screen, or picking up my tablet to see what I should type next. It has been a lifesaver.

You can also lay it down to record things with video 

place it this way 

watch a video without having to hold onto your tablet or smartphone.

So from that big bulky thing I didn't know what to do with, I found out that the Helping Hand is very useful indeed and I hope you will too.

You can purchase the Helping Hand at Amazon.

You can find out more about I-Stand and Helping Hand on 

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