Friday, July 4, 2014

What to do on a Rainy 4th of July when you have kids.

OK I bought this eons ago and it has been pretty much sitting unused. Not because we didn't like it but because we always have something to do. My 6 year old Dorothy pictured above found the box of Crazy Forts the other day and asked if we could put it together. It was bedtime so I told her we would do it yesterday, which came and went with other things we had to do, so I promised her we would build it today. Thinking it was the 4th of July she would forget because we would be busy with other things

Surprise this morning it is still wet and nasty out so I kept my word and started to help her put it together. After a few minutes she took over and finished building it herself with a little help from her 11 year old sister Deanna who is not pictured.

This is the design she decided to go for. 

Tada this is the Crazy Fort after it has been covered with a King Size Flat sheet, just in case others out there want to know just how big it is once built. You can also use several smaller sheets if you don't have king size sheets to come up with your own look.

As a child I loved to build forts and until now my children have built them  from blankets, pillows, and furniture. Now don't get me wrong the old stand by is just fine, but with Crazy Forts your child learns to follow directions to build lots of different designs that are available on their website

Here you can see Dorothy peeking out from her fort.

The Crazy Fort we have has 69 pieces 25 balls, and 44 sticks and says it is for ages 5 and up but would see no problem with my 3 year old grand daughter playing with this once it is built. She loves forts too.

You can find out more about Crazy Forts on.

MarksvilleandMe approves of Crazy Forts.

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