Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hill's Ideal Balance Dog Food Sampling

Recently I was sent a Sample package filled with all kinds products for my Saint Bernard Princess Goliath to try out.
We received :
1 Bag Grain Free Natural Chicken and Potato Recipe Dry Food
1 can of Grain Free Braised Salmon Recipe Wet Food
1 Bag of Soft-baked Naturals with Duck & Pumpkin Treat
1 Coupon booklet with $20 in savings
1 Hill's Ideal Balance Retractable Leash 

I had read in many places when starting your dog on a new food you are to mix it with their regular  food and wean them onto the new food. 
Since this was just a sampling and we didn't know how things would go we have been mixing a little in her bowls at a time. 
Hills Ideal Balance also has this on the side of the bag for reference.
Mind you Princess eats 5 plus cups of food a day.

Above Princess is laying down and kind of snuck over to the bowl to try it. She eventually got up and gobbled the rest down.
Today we put mixed the soft and hard food together and he enjoyed it very much, came running out to me when she was done with her tail wagging, with a big smile on her face.

This is the neat leash they sent to use while walking our Princess. 
Sadly it was raining out (you can tell by my daughter Deanna's hair), and Princess lives up to her name she will not go out in the rain to walk.

Also because of her size I don't trust the leash, she is pretty good when you walk her but if someone she doesn't know were to walk up to me or the girls she would pull and I don't think this leash holds up to her size, so we use the leash only inside.

I have to tell you that everyone who know's Princess especially our neighbors knows she does not like dog treats. So when we tried Hills Soft-Baked Naturals with Duck & Pumpkin I thought like everything else we bought for her it would end up at one of our neighbors houses or my husband's mother's house for his sister's dog.

The first time we tried to give it to her she turned her nose up and moved away. I wasn't going to try it again. A few days later we noticed our male kitten who is 6 months old and way bigger then his mother had torn the bag open to get at the treats, so my husband taped the bag shut and put it up out of the cats reach.

I was getting ready to do this blog and my daughter Dennise picked up the bag and called Princess over, gave her one (I was saying he isn't going to eat it), as Princess chomped it down. My daughter gave her another and she chomped it down.
We had Princess do a trick and she took another. 
I think we have found a treat she likes. 
Before Hills Ideal Balance Treats we were stuck either giving Princess Brewer's Yeast, cheese, or bits of meat for a treat.

Princess was taking the treats from everyone else so I thought I might as well give it a go too.
Sure enough she sat down when told and enjoyed a treat, getting an extra bonus hug and what a good girl from me.

What I like most about Hills Ideal Balance is that it is made in USA Facilities. 
If you want to find out which food is best for you dog they have a survey here.
I can't wait to try her on what it said we should try which was 

Large Breed Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult - Dry , with their wet food, and treats. They have so many treats I won't know where to start first. Hope Princess enjoys them all.

A wink from Princess to let my readers know that Hills Ideal Balance Grain Free Natural Chicken & Potato Recipe is approved by her.

You can find out more about Hills Ideal Balance and the rest of their line on:
Disclaimer: I received free products and gifts from Crowdtap and Ideal Balance in exchange for MarksvilleandMe's opinion on their products or in this case our Saint Bernard, Princess Goliath's opinion of the products. 

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