Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Welcome Back Super Points

That is right Superpoints is back.

I tried my old password but it wouldn't work so I had to sign up again. 

For those of you who don't know what Superpoints is, I will fill you in. 

Superpoints is a community of enthusiastic influencers who earn Superpoints that can be redeemed for amazing prizes when they search, shop, share, comment, advocate and inform using the forums provided at Superpoints.com

Superpoints is a members-only community but anyone in the United States can become a member by being sponsored by another member.  There is no fee to join.

Superpoints is a members only site, where admittance is determined by other members.  There are two ways to gain access.  The first is to request an invite on the site.  Then you will be added to a sponsorship queue, and other current members can choose to sponsor you.  The other way is to simply get a referral link from a current member.

Superpoints™ are our virtual reward currency that can be redeemed for real-world prizes.

Superpoints is the site with the best Rewards!  The rewards you can access to are determined by your XP Level and the number of Superpoints you have accumulated.  the Rewards themselves range from small items like bouncy balls and sun glasses all the way up to appliances, cars (even a Lamborghini) and a $2 million dream home!

Did that interest you? 

If so 

After you join follow these easy steps to get the most out of Superpoints!
1. confirm your email
2. complete your profile
3. click the Super Lucky Button
4. refer your friends
5. redeem for GREAT prizes!

Good Luck and Welcome to Superpoints.

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