Monday, April 7, 2014


My kids have been listening to KIDZ BOP for a long time but had no idea they were on #25. Way to go!
KIDZ BOP is the #1 music brand for kids in the U.S. featuring songs sung by kids for kids, although I have to admit I enjoy the music just as much as my little ones and even my teenagers sing along, not to mention my husband on occasion. 

Kidz Bop 25 came out January 14, 2014.
has 16 songs
Safe and Sound

The KIDZ BOP commercial and music video "Safe and Sound" was shot at Universal Studios Hollywood. KIDZ BOP even has their own channel on SirusXM, KIDZ BOP Radio on Channel 77.           

What I found really interesting is that the KIDZ BOP kids are online home schooled and a KIDZ BOP teacher travels with them to make sure all of their work is completed.
Which is very important since the KIDZ BOP kids "Dream Big Sing Loud!" Tour will stop at over 40 cites across America. 
Dedicated kids for sure.

The KIDZ BOP kids are now recording for their next album, KIDZ BOP 26 which comes out in July.

National  Karaoke Week - April 20-26

Until KIDZ BOP 26 comes out why not enjoy KIDZ BOP 25 during National Karaoke Week 
which is April 20-26th.

Let your kids have fun. You might be surprised by how engaging the songs are and find yourself singing along too.

More information about KIDZ BOP can be found on:

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