Thursday, March 6, 2014

Taconic Hills Elementary School PTO Fund Raiser (Now Over sorry you missed it)


Both of my girls are in elementary so of course they come home with the same fund raisers. Luckily this one is nice because it gave an online code so I could share with my online friends and family who are far away. So this is really cool for those who would like to help out or those who just love the bags that are available.

Below you can see an assortment of bags that are available. 

Below is the bag I really like it is 29.00 and has four large pouch pockets and three zip pockets inside.

Make sure you click on Edit Fund Raiser in the middle of the top of the page and put in Dorothy Marks as the name of the child so that she gets credit. 

I really appreciate any help you all can give Dorothy in helping raise money for her school. 
Thank you from MarksvilleandMe. 

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  1. This looks like a great fundraiser! I usually don't see them like this in the schools!