Sunday, January 5, 2014

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Yeah, yeah, yeah

That is what my landlord said when I called him this evening.

I told him the neighbors had messaged me earlier that they were having problems with their pipes, and I had a note on my door from the other set of  neighbors that live in the house in back of us that they had no water pressure.

He said it would be 3 hours before someone would get here. I told him my husband was going to turn off the water pump because it was running non stop and he didn't want it to cause a fire, besides it didn't sound too kosher while running.

I messaged the one neighbor back and called the other, a little while later when I called our landlord back he said his workers wouldn't be here till tomorrow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah is what I said.

While messaging back and forth to the one neighbor I find out their heater broke down a few weeks back and the landlords men have been back there every few days trying to get it fixed, and that was probably what made the pipes break in their house last night.

My husband said with the water pump running non-stop because of the break we were lucky we had water as long as we did. The frozen water is just spreading with the pipe broke. Wish someone had said something earlier about the pipe because it would have saved the pump and our electric bill, just hope our pipes don't go next.

My husband is thinking they may need a new water pump as well as the pipes replaced in the back house.

Of course all we will hear from the Landlord is...Yeah, yeah, yeah

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