Monday, January 6, 2014

Who touched the...

Who touched the... seems to be something that is heard often in our home. I buy certain ingredients for recipes and when I go to make them, more often then not something is missing, leaving me to figure out what to make in it's place. Meal planning is a real hassle when this happens. 

My husband has his own desk and I have my own, yet almost every time we need something, it isn't where it is suppose to be and you will hear us say who touched the...? Funny even with all of the who touched the..., I can  most times help my children find what they are missing. 

Remotes are another who touched the...moments in our home. For some reason the kids just don't have it within them to put them back in the rooms where they belong. We often find the computer room remotes in the bathroom, or stranger yet up in their rooms. I don't ask really but how does that happen? 

Never mind chocolate it goes so fast in our home most people don't even know we had any including ourselves because it seems to disappear as fast as we replace it. Also if you asked who touched the... everyone says it wasn't them so I am convinced we either have a ghost or at least a borrower in our midst. 

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