Thursday, January 2, 2014

MarksvilleandMe takes on the 52 Week Savings Challenge

I was saying I would like to save a little something this year and while scanning Pinterest I found a great way to save that I think even our family can accomplish. It is the 52 week savings challenge and MarksvilleandMe is ready to take it on.

Here is a look at what it looks like. I am sure several sites have the charts available to print but I chose the site below. You can click on the picture to reach the page or go to Easily Save Almost $1400 in 2014 – 52 Week Savings Challenge.

I know I have heard family, friends, and have seen other bloggers wishing they could just save more this year so if anyone else wants to take on this challenge, why not give it a try, if all works out we will all be $1378 richer by the end of 2014.


  1. one time I saved 1 penny for each day of the month...1 cent on the first, 2 cents on the 2nd etc. I had a hard time even keeping up with that on how little I earn. I am saving, but no way could I get even close to the end mark of $52 for the last week! (none of my checks are even $52) I am still saving my change, and $1 out of each check I get in though......saving for the purpose of my sewing hobby.

    1. I bet that penny even adds up a few years back we saw one where you put in $1 the first week, $2.00 the next $4 the week after $8 the week after that and so on and there was no way we could do that, but do remember this is a family thing so it comes out of both my checks and my husbands. Did you see my 2013 New Year plans review?