Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Full of energy on New Years Eve

So thankful for the energy I have today. Been taking advantage of it while it lasts. With Fibromyalgia you just never know when you will both be pain free and have energy. It just does not happen that often.

So far today we have gotten the Christmas tree is down, decorations are packed away, the  laundry has been washing, the rest of the clothes have been being sorted and folded as they come out of the washer, the living room is back to normal, dishes have been washed, downstairs has been vacuumed, cleaned the downstairs bathroom, went through the sock drawer, bathing suit drawer.  Dennis, cleaned up down in the basement, pepperoni has been in the crock pot all day for subs, and I am still going strong.

Dennise, Deanna, and Dorothy have even helped out a little here and there. Waiting right now for the laundry to be done so I can change it out then mop the bathroom floor. Not sure what I will do next maybe vacuum upstairs, clean the upstairs bathroom and put away our clothes. Plenty of more hours until the New Year is here might as well use up all of the energy I had left over from this year. No sense in wasting it all.

Who knows I might even be able to get a few more blogs up before the end of 2013. So excited to see what the New Year has in store for our family. If you stick around I am sure you will catch a glimpse through my blogs, not only on this page but any of the above pages which you are all welcome to visit anytime you would like. Ok break over, not back to work.

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