Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rainbow Loom for 13.00 shipped

Rainbow Loom as low as 13.00 shipped.

If you have kids they might just have asked this to be on their wish list for their Birthday or Christmas this year. My 16 year old can make the single links with a crochet hook, but she really wants to make the wider designs she has seen on you tube. So me being the great mom I am, have been looking everywhere for these but also being a frugal mom, I want to get it for the best deal possible. 

Sure you could get the other brands out there, but after reading the reviews you might find out that almost everyone agrees that the original Rainbow Loom Band Kits are just the best all the way around, which you can find at MooLaLa.

You can get the 
600 piece kit which includes a variety of solid color rubber bands for 9.00 +4.00 or 13.00 shipped. 

or the 

1800 piece kit which includes an assortment of solid color, sparkle, tye dye, and scented rubber bands for 13.00 + 4.00 or 17.00 shipped.

Each of the above choices also comes with 1 Loom, 1 jewelry making hook, and c-clips.

I ordered two and they will be sitting under the Christmas tree waiting to be opened and used. One present down. Now to work on the rest.

Let me know if you have little ones, or big ones asking for this to be on their list this year.

Happy Shopping everyone!

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