Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nerf Rebelle Review

I am a BzzAgent which means I get to try new products and let others know what I think about them. Most of the time I get products for adults, but this time I was lucky enough to be able to get in on the Nerf Rebelle Campaign from BzzAgent , which I kept secret from my girls until the package arrived. 

I know when most of you think Nerf you think toys mainly for boys, but  with Nerf Rebelle there is no going back they have finally made a girls toy that even this mom loves.
Here is my daughter Deanna not sure what might be in the box, but willing to find out.

I think you can see she is just opening it and the smile is already emerging.

Deanna has a friend who shoots a real bow and arrow but our family wasn't sure we were ready for that, so this took care of two things, first of all making my little girl very happy, and two I know it is Nerf so I know it will be safe to use.

Here you can see the picture I took on the nice backdrop my husband made me for my pictures.
My Campaign kit included:

  • A NERF Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow (that comes with 5 collectible darts!) 19.99 value
  • A Dart Refill Pack with 12 more collectible darts 6.99 value
  • A NERF Rebelle brochure to give you and your daughter a better look at the line
  • Rebelle-Themed Temporary Tattoos
  • Pass-along coupons for other parents with active daughters — good for a FREE NERF Rebelle Dart Refill Pack with any purchase of a NERF Rebelle Bow or Blaster

She couldn't wait to try it out, but did stop to pose for a few pictures.

Here she is getting a better take on how to use it, before I send her out to try on her own and show her friends.

I don't know if I told you this or not, but Deanna is known as Princess Deanna in these parts. This is several weeks after the first unwrapping and as you can see it doesn't matter what she is wearing or doing my girl is always ready to play, and notice the neat area where you can store your darts, so that they are ready when your child is.

Deanna is 10 and loves this toy. I also have older daughters ages 16 and 19 who loved this just as much and wish they had made these when they were little instead of being stuck with the Nerf  toys made for boys. If you couldn't already tell our family loves Nerf products.
I also have a 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old grand daughter who can also work this very well. 
*it is recommended for ages 8+ so please make sure younger kids have supervision, and that you go over using this toy safely with your children before letting them run free with it. 

No one likes a neighbor complaining because the kids were shooting their cat, didn't happen to us, but you get the idea.

We have added all of the Nerf Rebelle line to our Christmas and Birthday lists, and I can tell you this for certain, my little girls will be very excited come Christmas morning because Mommy and Daddy want some too, which makes it a definite purchase. 

There are few toys that I think the whole family will love, and this is one of them.

MarksvilleandMe approves this toy with two thumbs up.

You can see more of the product line at Nerf Rebelle
Or stay up to date on everything Nerf at 

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