Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My favorite color.

I asked what everyone wanted to read about and one of the questions asked was "What color do I like and why?". Hmm...I have many favorite colors and my favorite changes with my mood, which is often, so I will do my best to give you an answer.

 I could answer with what colors look best on me like mauve or light blue. My favorite colors to wear are red, white, and black, red is a power color you know. One of my favorite colors are olive green, not sure why but I love it. I love purple also, why I have no clue, but from the Bible people who wore purple were considered wealthy.

I have a thing for Black patent leather shoes, although I haven't owned a pair myself since high school. To me they always look clean, shiny, and new.

I love traditional pink on girls, and blue on boys.

I also like silver but mostly because I am allergic to yellow gold, and I think it sparkles more next to gems. Yellow gold  just does not compare.

I don't like puke green I am sure you can relate, and I don't like too much bright yellow it gives me a headache. Gray is OK but to me it is a sad lonely color, reminding me of cold rainy days, although I did have one shirt/sweater with gray that I loved to pair with my gray skirt and gray shoes. Gray is also good for sweats, which are good to wear on cold rainy days while snuggled up in your favorite place with a cup of cocoa and a nice book.

Orange makes me happy because I think of my Mother-in-law Donna, and my daughter Dennise who love this color. Also my kitchen is painted a few shades of orange which goes well with the reds, and rooster items I have.

I have two sons who love red, my oldest daughter loves blue, Deanna loves anything pink, while Dorothy changes her mind like me.

My husband likes yellow, white, and black.

Green reminds me of my Dad who drove a big Green John Deere on the farm, and as for my mom she reminds me of the rainbow, for she always brightened my day.

Not sure if this answers the question but I figure that God created all of the colors so we should love them all, and just maybe that is why I can't settle on one.

Enjoy your life and make is as colorful as possible. 

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