Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Perdue Oven Ready Products

Perdue Oven Ready
I am a Bzzagent which means I get to try products for free or for a reduced price, then tell my friends, and family all about my experience with the product or service I have tried. This time I was able to take part in trying out the Perdue Oven Ready Products. As you can see below we chose to try the Roaster.

Oven ready whenever you are
Cooking a delicious roasted chicken at home is a whole lot easier with PERDUE® OVEN READY Products. All you need is an oven and an appetite. Deliciously seasoned and ready to cook perfectly in a convenient cook-in bag, every PERDUE® OVEN READY Roast is designed for no prep, no mess and easy clean-up. It's easier than easy. Just:
  1. Open.
  2. Cook.
  3. Serve!
No joke. Just open the outer bag, place the inner bag in the oven and bake for about 90 minutes.* The cook-in bag helps you put incredibly juicy, tender chicken on the table for your family.
*Cook time varies per product; see details on package for cooking instructions.

Here I am opening the bag.
Now I am taking it out of the bag that it was sold in and seeing that the chicken is actually in a cooking bag inside, which means easy clean up if everything works out right.

Here I am putting the holes in the bag as is required.

There it is in the pan all ready to go.

Here I am reading the bag to be sure I don't have to do anything else, thinking this is too easy.

I would have loved to have another picture of the finnished product but by the time I got the camera out someone had already started to dig into the chicken.
Once it was cooked and apparently started to be sampled before I could grab my camera. I have to say that the meat was moist. The only thing I really didn't like is that the bag stuck to the chicken so when we took it out of the oven to serve and peeled the bag away it also took some of the meat with it, so it wasn't a perfect presentation but for a family dinner at home with no guests it was just perfect, by the way there were no leftovers when my family was done.
Will I purchase this product again? I sure will as long as it is on sale and I have a coupon. I plan to purchase the cornish hens next for a special meal for my husband and I to enjoy, which I will probably do another blog to see if the bag does the same thing to the meat or not.
I would encourage anyone who wants to put a nice meal on the table who doesn't want to clean up a lot to check out Perdue Oven Ready Products because they might be your answer to a great dinner with family.
You can find even more about Perdue Products at the below links.

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